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Free HTML5 video player and ad monetization solution to maximizing your revenue and audience reach.


How it works

Mow player is a self-serve video cms platform that works seamlessly across all devices. Just drag and drop your videos, get your codes and start making money with your video content. Yep, it's that easy and its free

  • simple
  • profitable
  • measurable

Mow player is free

DFP Technology Partner

Mowplayer is a Google Certified Technology Partner

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Getting started has never been easier

Make it Simple

  • 1Upload your videos to the platforms or just connect your Instagram/Facebook/Youtube channel directly to MOW.
  • 2Get your codes and implement them on your site.
  • 3Start to make money with your video content.

Monetize your content

  • $ Sell your video ad space
    Place your own ads and generate revenue from your content.
  • $ MOW Marketplace
    You can enable Mow Marketplace ads and increase your profits!

Manage your content

Publish your videos directly to your Social Networks from MOW!

Add your videos from your Social Networks into MOW!

Generate your own video content

Dont have you own video content? Get ready to be on the video landscape in just few clicks. Mow help you to empower your content creating videos from your traditional articles. Engage your audience and boost your revenue.

The Player

HTML5 High impact design with 100% visibility

Mow has developed the most advanced technology to display videos and ads only when they will be actually viewed. This ensures that engagement and ROI are measured accurately and with transparency.


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